Meetings - 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, May 14th

Events for

Field Day (Friday, May 17th)

2018-2019 PTA Officers

  • Stephanie Wise, President
  • Stacy Swick, 1st Vice President
  • Ashley Zewatsky, 2nd Vice President
  • Heather Dost, 1st Treasurer
  • Jamie Rivera, 2nd Treasurer
  • Stefanie Crane, Secretary
  • Lisa Moldovan, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Laverne Woodward, Membership Coordinator
  • Katie Charter, Passive Fundraising

If you need to contact anyone on the PKE PTA Board please do so on the PKE Facebook page or email

Amazon Smile

Like to shop on Amazon? Help out the PKE PTA by using Amazon Smile. Zero point five percent of your purchases will go to the PTA to help fund fieldtrips, assemblies, field day and much more.

Here is the link if anyone wishes to use it and pass it along according to the above guidelines.

Helping out with the PTA

Interested in helping out at your child’s school? Volunteering at one of our PTA sponsored events at Pine Knob Elementary is a great way to meet new families. Together, we make PKE a school community that feels like family.

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